✨ Magic Go To

Magic Go To will redirect to any URL provided after the slash. This includes non-http URLs, such as mailto:. Enter a URL below to generate a URL you can send to others or include on other websites.


Some websites will automatically make http URLs clickable, but do not provide the same treatment for other URLs. Many URL shortening service also do not support non-http URLs.


Ensuring privacy is important for both of us: you don't have to worry about data on which URLs you open being sold to the highest bidder or used to target advertising and I don't have to bother with logging, increased server costs, or GDPR requests.

The websites you visit won't know you've come from here; the Referer-Policy is set to "no-referrer". If you'd prefer to disable the automatic redirection and open links manually manually visit the settings.


Why not provide a short URL?

There are a few answers to this, including:

  • Anyone clicking the link can see where it's going
  • If this website is ever unavailable or blocked you can still see the original URL
  • I don't have to maintain a database of short codes
  • It allows this website to work offline
Does this website work offline?

Yes! Using web workers the basic functionality of this website is available while offline, if you have JavaScript enabled.

Why is this free?

I made this primarily for myself. If others use it then that's great. The website is designed to be efficient so hosting costs should not be too high.

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